Sometime, we can use something we don’t even know in the market to solve those head-scratching problems by no means!

One-to-Three Light Socket Converter

Light Socket Splitter4 in 1 Light Socket Splitter

Whether you plan on using your garage as a storage area, you’ll need it to be well-lit to navigate around the space. 

Let’s see the comparison:

garage lighting ideagarage lighting idea

If you found the garage light is not bright enough, the first thing come up to your mind might be: ”I shall change a high voltage and brighter light”. But, hold on, there is a better solution when you have only one socket in the parking lot.

A 3-in-1 light socket plug adapter is exactly the one to shine up your dark garage.

socket converter

Separated Solar Lights for Chicken Coops - 1000 Lumens

Some of us may have chicken coops in our backyard, and, usually, there is no electricity and sockets. As light decreases naturally, so do a chicken's egg-laying hormones. 

Thus, solar lights would be the best investment for the chicken runs especially in the dark winter months to keep your hens laying for as long as possible, and, scaring off the raccoon.

solar garden lights

solar lights outdoor

A separated solar powered outdoor light allows you install the solar panel on the roof to charge during the day, and install the light inside the chicken house.

Mostly, the solar light for yard will turn on dusk to dawn, so the chicken can find their ways to their home at night.

No maintenance needed, no electricity bills!