Light everything up is a flexible way to improve home security at night.

We want to improve the lighting in outside our residences, but, there are thousand of LED light fixtures on the market. Before adding the flood light to your cart for your particular purpose, consider these factors first: luminous flux, power sources, detection ways, installations and local climates.

Luminous flux - Lumen measure how much light you are getting from a bulb. It is the era of LED, we will consider lumens, not watts, when buying light bulbs. LED creates less heat but a wider area of brightness than incandescent lights with the same watts. 

Feel confused? Let’s see the value comparison:













* Please note that these are sample figures for example purposes only & the actual output can vary.

Power sources - Electrical wires, solar-powered, or battery-powered.

Detection ways - Motion sensor or lighting sensor.

Installations - With or without tools, need or no need to connect with junction box.

Local climates - The waterproof rate of flood light usually vary from IP44-IP66, if the extreme weathers are common in your ares, then the weatherproof rate of the outdoor light should be the higher the better,

Compare the three great outdoor solar security lights various of categories to find the best suit.


1000 Lumen 48 LED Solar Wall Lights with Remote Control

Luminous flux: 1000lm

Power sources: solar-powered

Detection ways: Light sensing, the light will come up dusk to dawn automatically, and off to charge during the day.

Installations: Can be install separately or integrally with or without 9.8ft extension cord. Place solar panel anywhere with direct sunlight and install the lights to the location you want, no charging restriction.


Waterproof rate: IP65, resist to most of the severe weathers, NO maintenance needed.

1800 Lumens 18 LED Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light

Luminous flux: 1600lm, provides coverage with 120-degree detection up to 26ft in distance.

Power sources: solar-powered

Detection ways: Motion detected, three working modes, dimmable light setting, dusk to dawn light sensor.

Waterproof rate: IP66, resist to most of the severe weathers.

Features: Simulated Camera design, ward off burglars and other unwanted intruders.


Outdoor Solar PIR Motion Sensor Light

Luminous flux: 990lm

Motion detector light, detecting moving objects within 120° field of vision, protect your safety.

IP65 Waterproof rate, withstand harsh temperatures and climatic conditions.