Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Backyard

Barbecue, swimming or other outdoor activities in the backyard after sunset can be always attractive and interesting, and these night parties should not hampered by darkness.

By equipping backyard lighting can make your parties longer, make your backyard ambient and more safe at night.

Landscape lights, dock/step lights and wall security lights are the three main types of garden lights. Undoubtedly, get these three categories will definitely brighten and beautify your outdoor space.

Let’s see what would be the best choice for different sites of the place and get the peek performance of the lighting fixture,

1. Landscape Lighting

RGB landscape lighting

These lights are wonderful garden yard pathway decor. Install these solar landscape lights to make your walkway, garden, or patio fantastic and improve navigation at night. The lights will light up dusk till dawn, and the illumination is soft and moderately bright o make the whole area cozy but highlight the obstacles and stones.

The light bulbs of path lighting are always low-voltage LED beads, and the batteries are solar-powered, so, you may choose them for the sake of eco-friendly and cost-efficient.


Equipped with 2 LED and made of high quality ABS and monocrystalline silicon solar panel, the solar landscape lights features 2 lighting modes - Amber Constant Light (2700K) & RGB Cycle (7 colors). The amber warm light creates a romantic, retro mood while the 7 colors changing mode is a perfect choice for your decorations and themed parties. IP45 wet rated, withstand rainy day even small snowy, so you won’t need to take them home in extreme weathers.

2. Step Lighting

waterproof solar dock lights

We can see stair lights or deck lights anywhere in the community, shopping mall, or traffic road as decoration or alternative of road lights to avoid tripping.

One of the biggest feature of deck lights is pressure-resistant, you can step on or walk over them freely.


Covered with stainless steel, the outdoor dock lights are waterproof and will light up dusk to dawn. Although there are only 3 or 6 small LEDs, they can illuminate edge of the dock or stairs largely. This is extremely important at night especially for the elderly when you come back home and your patio or pathway has no lights or lights that needs to turn on the switch inside your home.

3. Security Lighting

home security light

Darkness always accompany by unseen threats. We may not need a costly live camera, but we do need a motion sensor security wall light to alert intruders. The lights would fool them into thinking that you are home or others can see them,

Motion-sensing solar floodlights are the very best choice to mount onto the wall surface without any electrical wires needed,


With 6000k brightness and 1800 lumens, the artificial-camera outdoor solar lights shine up your garden, back or front yard greatly. They will detect movement up to 26 feet distance with 120 degree coverage, and the brightness are adjustable with 3-working modes. All the jobs can be settled by the remote control, so you won’t need to climb up high to change the setting!

4. Wall Lighting

wall mounted lights

Wall lighting is an accent lighting, or highlighting, to light up the specified area, like yard, patio, front or back door, by focusing the light directly on them. The brightness of this type of lighting is usually higher than 900 lumens (LED bulbs), you can install them on the surface of interior or exterior wall, above the corridor, aisle, under the shed, around outdoor seating areas, pools, and other low-lying spots.

For outdoor, better to choose the solar-powered one as most of the outdoor lights are water-proof, less safety hazard and less electrical expense.

For indoor, wall sconce is the best suit since it is stylish, decorative but also cast the maximum amount of light down onto recessed areas.


The outdoor solar porch light absorbs solar energy to charge the 5500 mAh battery, thus to power the LED solar light for up to 6-12 hours. With a working temperature from -20℃~60℃ (-4 ℉~140℉), the solar porch light can withstand harsh temperatures and climatic conditions.