Every year when Halloween comes around, we’ve been racking our brains trying to decorate our rooms and courtyards. A variety of lighting is an essential element. They can envelop your home in a spooky atmosphere that will delight your family and guests. But the problem is that these lights are often thrown away after one use, causing an astonishing waste not to mention, and not conducive to environmental protection.

So, we might as well try DIY Halloween solar lights, it only needs some ingenuity. Find the old discarded things in your daily life and match them with JACKYLED solar lights. They can not only look awesome in the Halloween night, but also be reused after the festival is over, providing illumination for your home. Let's see how to do it.

JACKYLED Solar Dock Lights
• Wire
• Paper Towels / cloth
• Glue
• Acrylic Paint
• Water
• Pencil
• Knife

Key Steps:

#1: Make a pumpkin shape out of wire.

#2: Cover the pumpkin with damp papers towel or cloth. After drying, apply glue. For better effect, you can add another layer of paper towels or cloth.

#3: Remove the wire. Use a pencil to draw your favorite Halloween pumpkin pattern and cut out with a knife. Remember to cut a hole in the bottom.

#4: Apply paint, let it dry and then place it on the light.

 DIY Halloween Solar Lights

JACKYLED Solar Landscape Lights
• Wire
• White Sheets
• Color Pens

Key Steps:

#1: Make a ghost-head shape out of wire.

#2: Draw a pattern of ghost on the sheets.

#3: Place the sheets on the wire rack and adjust the position.

#4: Place them on the landscape light and secure it.

 DIY Halloween Solar Lights

DIY Halloween solar lights are cheap, eco-friendly, and best of all it's not difficult at all. When you do it with your family, the whole process is a joy. Especially using them to decorate your home will make a difference from others. Let’s do it!