At the end of summer days, let‘s
pick some simple items to make dormitory life easier.

Don’t forget to get yourself a shower bag in the dorm as you won’t have much private place for your personal care. A portable shower caddy (yes, portable to public places like summer camp and dorm bathrooms where you need to take shower.) gives you everything you need to get squeaky clean without the hassle in communal bathrooms.

2. Surge Protector

Be sure to get high-quality power strips for three-pronged plugs. Make sure they include surge suppressors if you are going to pick extra extension cord since we have too many electronic devices nowadays, and the old outlet quantities in our university dorms are apparently not enough for each of us.

Besides surge protector, those come with over-current protection, short-circuit protection and over-loaded protection are also the significant features to avoid fire hazard.

3. Decorative Lights

Beautiful and shinning decorations can always make girls feel cozy and relax themselves, therefore, some cost effective hanging artificial leaves or flowers can make the whole look of your dorm different. You can also hang some fairy lights around the decorations charming and fantastic.