Autumn means harvest, and also the starting of a new semester. It is time to stock up on some school supplies, especially for the college freshmen who are going to move into the dorm.

These are the essentials you will need to make your dorm life easier.

Power Strips /Surge Protectors

JACKYLED Power Strip Surge Protector with 45° Flat Plug, 6 Ft6.5ft & 4.2A USB Surge Protector Power Strip Tower 3000W 13A with 4 USB Ports Fast Charing

The outlets may not be enough to charge all your electronic devices (laptop, pad, phone, hands-free or some stylish tools) at the same time considering how much our students rely on mobile devices nowadays. Space-saving power strips with multiple outlets make your desktop clean and tidy, and charge your electronics quickly and efficiently provided the power strips come with fast-charging ports.

 Decorative lights

Artificial Eucalyptus Garland with RGB Lightsarge Artificial Pampas Decor JACKYLED 43.3" Tall Pampas with LED String Lights

If you are living in a single dorm, decorate your room as cozy as possible since you are going to spend years there!

Warm decorative lights and fairy lights would be the first choice since they would add ambiance to the living space.

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