TIKTOK, nowadays, has beyond Instagram and Youtube, become the main power to push you to add something to your shopping cart?

If you look for something new, the latest trend or recommendation especially the comparison and user experience between the same products but different brands, heading to TIKTOK is definitely the best choice!


The hashtag has reached about 8 billion views on the platform, and this hashtag can boost someone’s curiosity to see what people buy and end up with the sellers getting more orders from these people. full of useful items on Amazon and fun, creative gadgets, with even a few funny products sprinkled in! 

Here, we are gonna display something that you may never hear of but really useful products.

wireless bluetooth keyboard

bluetooth keyboard

A bluetooth keyboard makes your typing way easier than using the device's touch screen, especially for the tablet!!!

over door organizer

Over the door organizer is definitely a must-have if you have a small space in your home or you are living in a rental apartment.

drawer organizer

You must be obsessed in the ASMR sounds if you are watching “organization & storage” TikTok videos, and the varieties of Drawer Organizers are the main characters to make the whole thing well-organized and satisfying!

selfie ring light

Live streams and online meetings are common anywhere, and ring light can make these online activities clear and not influenced by the natural weak lights, producing soft, direct light on a subject, and minimizing shadows.

If you are indulged in posting videos online, go get yourself a Ring Light, you will see the difference!

resistance bands

resistance training

Did Pamela’s trends make you wanna move your body? Yes, I did!

Some training equipment like Resistance Bands and yoga mats become the top hits.

They are absolutely useful, but, we need to think clearly that if we will keep training, afterward, impulse buys are not always good thing!