solar pathway light

Solar lights always have these and those problems during their service time, for example, the lights did not come up at night or only light up one to two hours, or not bright enough etc,.

Read the troubleshooting below before you heading to the seller or throwing the lights into bins.

  1. Not working upon receiving

Reason: The battery has ran out of its power during a long time of transportation and storage.

Solution: Charge the light in direct sunlight for 3-5 days activate the solar panel and batter

  1. Not working after a few of use

Reason: The conversion rate of the solar panel is affected by insufficient sunlight exposure. And if rainy, the rain lowers the solar energy passing through to the PV Panels below. Anything that hinders and interferes with the sunlight from reaching the solar cells will have a proportional reduction effects on the energy conversion rate of the panel.

Solution: Turn off the switch and recharge them in direct sunlight for at least 10 hours. 

  1. Water inside the light cover

Reason: Although most of the brands claim their lights are high waterproof rate, but 100% waterproof rate is still a future for a product with sealed components.

Solution: The water will drain under the sunlight under normal use. You can rest assured to use the lights unless the water affects the battery and light bulbs.