With the upgrade of quality of life, people begin to pay attention to lighting design, and the concept of lighting is also converted from "lighting the house" to "how to layout more reasonable, more comfortable, more textured".The right lighting transforms the space and creates a specific ambience. Arrangement of lighting fixtures is not only for illumination but also to enhance their beauty.Therefore, here comes the question “How to select a light for my home?”


Understand the specs.

There are a variety of specifications to consider when choosing a light. And you may have seen them on the package or on Amazon product page. Do you really know what the values represent? To understand them will be much helpful for the light choosing.

Color Temperature: is a unit of measure for absolute temperature, conventionally expressed in kelvins, using the symbol “K”. You can simply understand it as the color of the lighting. The lower the value is, the yellower the color of the light is; the higher the value is, the whiter the light is.



Color Rendering Index (CRI):is a quantitative measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with an ideal or natural light source. The higher the value is, the closer the color displayed by the object under the illumination source, and the smaller the color distortion is.



Lumen: is the unit of luminous flux, a measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source per unit of time. The higher the value is, the brighter the light will be.


Selection depending on diverse space


Entryway gives the first impression to others, thus it is vital to set the tone at the beginning. Imagine you invite a guest to your home, when he enters the door, he will be delighted to feel welcome. A decorative pendant light emitting warm light (2700K) would be a good choice. It can also highlight the beauty of the artwork beside your entryway if any.

Living room

The lighting in the living room should be in keeping with the style of the interior décor. The living room is a multifunctional area for entertainment or relaxation, so a flexible light with a dimmer switch would be better for a living room. You can shift the light to match your mood or different occasions like parties or a place for a short rest.


Dining Room

Dining room is a place for enjoying meals and chatting with families. Soft and comfortable pendant light over the dining table will be perfect. Plus, warm light whets the appetite compared with cool light. You can pick the light fixture as you desired and we recommend this simple hanging light with adjustable cord. You can adjust the distance from the lamp to the table surface as you wish.


Lighting in the bedroom is really crucial as when you enter the bedroom, a tiring day should seep away. Vintage light fixture with soft light brings the touch of peacefulness to the bedroom so that you gethigh quality sleep to start another day.


A general light performing the task of lighting is enough for a bathroom. But remember that avoid wood, leather or fabric materialsas they are liable to mildewwhen in contact with moisture.