Wiring-free, no-billing, eco-friendly, solar lights offer a lot of benefits that make possible a perfect setting with the least efforts. So good as they are, solar-powered products still suffer from complaints for not being reliable and enduring. In fact, with good care and maintenance, they can last 3-5 years. In this blog, we share smart tips for proper use of Jackyled solar lights to maximize their service life and ensure good performance along the way.


1.Charge before use

Most solar lights come with certain power in their batteries when leaving from factory. Before they go to your hands, however, their batteries sneakily discharge power and eventually drain if they’re kept in the box long enough.

So, if some of the solar lights don’t come on as others do out of box, don’t be panic. They’re just running out of power. Charge them in the sun for at least 6-8 hours before the first use. For those failed units that don’t light up after the first charge, extend the charging time to 2-3 days to fully activate the battery.
Solar Fence Lights JACKYLED

2.Store over winter

Not just animals, solar lights need to hibernate. This seems to contradict what some manufacturers say about their products - all-weather-ready, working all-year-round... These claims are not wholly wrong. Solar lights can work in cold weather but their batteries could be damaged to some extend in the long run.

To prolong their lifespan, it’s highly suggested to store them indoors when the outside temperature drops to below the suggested range. During the storage, don’t forget to charge them in the sun 1-2 days every month to protect the battery from over-discharging.


3.Tilt towards the south

How much power the solar panel absorbs largely affects the performance of the lights. In order for them to trap energy in the most efficiently way all year round, you should direct the solar panel towards the sun’s direction, which is the south if you’re located in the North America, while tilting it at about 30 degrees in summer and 45 degrees in winter.

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4.Avoid shades and light

Dusk-to-dawn solar lights stay off when its solar panel is illuminated by any sources of light and turn on when the panel is placed in a dark environment.

To keep it work properly in this way, it’s important to set the solar panel where sunlight shines without being blocked by trees, eaves, and other shades. Also, keep the solar panel away from street lights and other light sources that can illuminate it at night, including the light from the solar fixture itself.

5.Clean solar panel

Dust or dirt on the solar panel will block the panel from fully getting the power from the sun. Use a damp cloth to wipe off anything on the solar to keep it always in the best state to absorb sunlight, preferably in a monthly way.